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A Hero at the End of the World

A Hero at the End of the World

By Erin Claiborne

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About the Book

Seventeen-year-old Ewan Mao knows one thing for certain: according to prophecy, it's his destiny to kill the evil tyrant whose dark reign has terrorized Britain for as long as he can remember. Although he's just a normal boy, deep down Ewan is confident that he has exactly what it takes to be a hero. But when Ewan's big moment comes and his best friend, the clever and talented Oliver Abrams, defeats the villain for him, Ewan's bright future crumbles before his eyes.

Five years later, while Ewan is living at home and working a minimum-wage job, Oliver has a job as an Unusual in the government's Serious Magical Crimes Agency, the life he and Ewan always dreamed of. A routine investigation leads him and his partner, Sophie Stuart, to uncover a dangerous and powerful cult... one that seems to have drawn his former best friend into a plot to end the world.

A deftly plotted, hysterically funny journey through magical London and beyond, A Hero at the End of the World expertly walks the fine line between satire and sincerity. Its sensitive depiction of a broken friendship and wry takedown of unfairly great expectations will appeal to all readers of modern fantasy.

A Hero at the End of the World features illustrations by Jade Liebes.


“Absurdly funny and insightful, the trials and tribulations of Ewan Mao – a guy whose destiny just hasn't worked out so well for him – will keep you totally engaged until the very last page.” —Amber Benson, actress and author of The Witches of Echo Park
“Daffy, earnest and engaging!” —Javier Grillo-Marxuach, writer/producer of Lost and creator of The Middleman
“With a mix of sharp, witty dialogue and a detailed, engrossing fantasy world, A Hero at the End of the World reads like a Harry Potter novel written by Douglas Adams. A wonderfully imaginative, hilarious debut novel for geeks of all ages.” —Eric Smith, author of Inked and The Geek's Guide to Dating
“A smart, funny and emotionally engaging tale perfect for any reader who longs for another train ride to Hogwarts.” Kirkus

Product Details

Formats: Paperback / ISBN: 9780990484400 / 15.95 USD
EPUB / ISBN: 9780990484424 / 9.99 USD
Kindle / ISBN: 9780990484417 / 9.99 USD
Publication date: 11/11/2014
Pages: 306

About the Author & Artist

Erin Claiborne

American-Hungarian author Erin Claiborne lives and works in London, UK. Before this, she was busy traveling the world, living in boring but beautiful cold countries, and getting a Masters degree in Medieval History from a Well-Known UK Institution. When not sitting in a pub, she can be found looking longingly at puppies in parks and taking pictures of buildings.

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Jade Liebes

Jade Liebes is an illustrator residing in Maryland who spends far too much time thinking about folklore. Or, she may be an automaton built by her cats to feed them and she just happens to draw sometimes. We just don't know.

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